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Achieve Clarity Vanilla Earl Grey


Tin: 2.5oz, brews 32+ cups

With holy basil and licorice root to improve memory and focus blended with rich black tea, bergamot oil, lavender and a touch of sweet vanilla.

?About?: Achieve Clarity was the third blend we created. It was an important addition to our line because it addresses the connection between body, heart, and mind.

It was developed to foster mental fortitude, physical energy. and emotional courage. This tea helps restore clarity in the midst of confusion and helps the body, mind, and spirit to focus and align. This is the tea you want in your cup when you need to think clearly and calmly. Although this tea has many applications it is an overall sensible daily tea for physical energy and mental clarity.

We blended Achieve Clarity with licorice root and holy basil to support brain health, improve mental function, and enhance memory.

The aroma is citrusy and bold and the flavor is rich and smooth. It is delicious on its own or with cream and sugar like a traditional English tea.

Drink Achieve Clarity when you want to connect your body, heart, and mind and restore mental clarity and focus.

Mental: Improves focus, memory, and mental clarity
Physical: Increases oxygen to the brain, keeps your body calm and centered, and does not over-stimulate
Emotional: Boosts self-confidence and courage
Flavor Profile: Rich and robust black tea with notes of citrus and vanilla.

Emotional Benefit: Improves mental function. Calms a racing mind. Helps restore one's ability to think clearly under stress and emerge from denial or confusion.

Did You Know?: Holy basil, India's most powerful adaptogen herb, has been used for centuries to relieve mental fog and enhance memory. Licorice root, a Chinese adaptogen herb, is great for relieving symptoms of mental and physical fatigue.

Our Little Tip: As you sip, close your eyes and take ten deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, to clear and calm your mind.

Ingredients: Earl Grey Black Tea*, Black Congu Tea*, Black Breakfast Blend*, Holy Basil*, Licorice Root*, Lavender*, Cornflowers*, Natural Flavors. *Denotes organic ingredients

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