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A Taste of Ojai by Private Chef Robin Goldstein

A great little collection of 'small plates', simple to sophisticated celebrating some of the harvests that grow plentifully right here in the Ojai Valley. Small and usually shared dishes based on Tapas in Spain, Mezze, in both Turkey and Greece, Italian Antipasti, as well as Moroccan and Middle Eastern dishes, with the emphasis on savory and spice. 
The thought behind this book is to present some ideas of foods that can be served as small plates for any time of day, just one plate or a collection of a few.
"I believe that preparing food is about great ingredients, and everything that goes into making a great meal. For me, it's about sourcing well grown, local organic vegetables, the time you set aside to prepare a great dish, the music playing in the background, the tools you use in the kitchen, the vintage server you serve with and the beautiful plates you present your meal on. Its about community and sitting together at the table and enjoying the meal together with gratitude and thanks."
Private Chef Robin