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RAINS History

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In 1874 a small hardware store was built to serve the local population. Over the years the store changed hands and in 1914 Glenn Hickey, grandfather of current owner Alan Rains, purchased the business. At that time the store stocked all the necessary essentials of the day, including horseshoes and stove pipe.


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Some years later Glenn Hickey’s son-in-law, Lynn Rains, father of Alan, was named partner and manager. The store broadened its inventory to become a general merchandise store  

Then, in 1969, Alan bought the store, changed the name from Hickey Bros. to Rains and began an expansion process. After the acquisition of several adjoining buildings and four major remodels, the result is what we see today, one 22,000 square foot store, in the heart of Ojai.


Today the store’s four buyers search the market for outstanding specialty lines that offer exceptional quality and good value. The merchandise mix includes women’s apparel, a men’s shop, a gourmet kitchen section including specialty foods, gifts, home accessories, a garden section and, of course, hardware. The store’s clientele comes primarily from the residents of the Ojai valley. However, because of the beauty of the valley and its mild climate, many visitors discover Ojai and RAINS.

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Visitors say the store is unique and refreshing. “We love this store”, is a commonly heard phrase. Many become regular customers. Now with their web site and E-Sales the store attracts customers from throughout the United States and beyond.


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