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Charman 5oz Hot Sauce

$9.00 - $12.00

Original The sauce that started it all.  Char Man Original is the perfect balance of sweet and heat.  Fire roasted hanaero and gueros are the peppers of choice in this one. 

Try this sauce on breakfast items to sushi and everything in between.  Also great as an alternative to steak sauce.  Pour a little in your tartar sauce or bbq sauce to kick up the heat and flavor.

Heat level 8 out of 10

Verde One taste and you'll agree that our verde sauce is unlike anything you've ever tried.  We've combined fire roasted guero, jalapenos, serranos and Thai chilies to create a blend that will remind you of fresh salsa with chucks of garlic and ice chest needed!

This sauce is great on Mexican food, eggs, pizza and much more.  Pour some in your favorite guacamole!

Heat Level 5 out of 10

Caribbean Our Caribbean blend is truly unique.  We use spices found in island cuisine and blend them with mangos, pineapple juice and hot peppers such as manzanos, guerros and habaneros.

This sauce is great on all types of food but especially shines with seafood and poultry.  Try it with fish tacos, brush it on grilled shrimp or chicken.

Heat level 7 out of 10

Highway 33 Foods story-

My name is Chris Sutton, maker of Char Man Brand hot sauces.  I grew up working for my family’s seafood restaurants, where I developed a passion for cooking and fiery foods at an early age.  After years of trying to find the perfect hot sauce, I decided to stop searching and just make it myself. 

In 2006, I blended up some fire roasted Habaneros and some other good stuff to create a sauce as unique as this town. The Char Man sauce was born, named after the scorched Ojai legend.  In 2014, having outgrown the kitchen space at our restaurant, I opened a bottling facility in Ventura, Ca.  Since then I've come up with a couple more sauces that are very different yet just as bomb, so you really need to try all three.       

  All of my sauces are made in small batches using hand selected fresh peppers and quality ingredients.  
                     Chris Sutton



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