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HIC Kitchen Slotted Flipper Tong, Nylon, 8in


HIC Kitchen's Dual-Blade Flipper Tongs grip, lift, and flip delicate foods, and drain oil and cooking liquids for lower fat, lower calorie cooking

Made from stainless steel and FDA-approved, BPA-free, heat-resistant nylon (to 400-degrees Fahrenheit); comfort grip handles; measures 8-inches

Slotted dual blades gently grip and flip delicate foods safely while draining away liquids and oils for healthier foods and quickly with less mess

Gently flip pancakes, crepes, omelets, and fried eggs, turn fish, veggie burgers, toss salads, serve desserts, and more; safe for nonstick cookware

Tongs lock closed and hang to store; sturdy, durable, and Proposition 65 compliant; hand wash in warm, soapy water

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